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Highlights, CSK vs DC, IPL 2021, Match 2, Full Cricket Score: Shaw, Dhawan shine as Delhi Capitals win by seven wickets

7 months ago 572

23:38 (IST)

That's the end of our coverage as well. A dominant win for DC who are looking serious contenders this year as well for the title. CSK have a lot to think upon as they continue to look ordinary on the field. DC collect first points. 

Tomorrow we have SRH taking on KKR at Chennai. We will be starting our coverage at 6 pm IST and hope to have you back.
See you tomorrow, good bye and good night.

23:38 (IST)

Shikhar Dhawan is Man of the Match:

I enjoyed my batting today. Was happy Prithvi also did well. It was important to give start in a chase like this. I had to innovate some shots and I enjoyed that challenge and taking the calculated risk. I was playing the ball close to the body, wicket was still sticky. I was clear in my game plan. It is tremendous to watch him bat when he is in flow. I am happy his hard work is paying off. Like the Moeen catch because I had to run back and take it. 

23:36 (IST)

DC skipper Rishabh Pant: In the middle phase, I was under some pressure. But we did well towards the end. It was very special walking out for the toss with MS. He has been my go to man. I have learnt a lot from him. We were thinking as to what we will do without Nortje and Rabada and I thought we had to do with the options we have. No, there was no effort for the NRR. Prthivi and Shikhar did well for us in the powerplay. They kept it simple and looked for boundaries. 

23:19 (IST)

Prithvi Shaw: Prithvi Shaw: Feeling good. Everyone contributed and it was a good start (to the season). The wicket was good to bat on in the second innings and we executed quite well. I worked on my game right after the Australia series, where I was dropped. Before heading into Vijay Hazare as well, I worked with Pravin (Amre) Sir. I don’t want to think about it (getting dropped from the Indian team). I have to move on and if something is wrong with my batting or technique, I have to improve and I am working hard on myself. 

23:15 (IST)

MS Dhoni, CSK captain: A lot dependent on how much dew we will get and that is why we wanted to get as many runs as possible. Batsmen did a good job to get to 180-odd. When it comes to our bowling, we could have been slightly better. There were quite a few boundary deliveries, the execution was not very nice. I think bowlers must have learnt. You have to look ahead and you want to get those extra 15 runs. 7.30 pm start means batting team will have half an hour without dew. 

23:10 (IST)


FOUR! Pant finishes it off in style, with a boundary to seal the first win for Capitals and his first as captain. 

Delhi Capitals reach the target with 8 balls and 7 wickets in hand against a full-strength CSK unit led by MS Dhoni. This is a strong batting display for the last year's finalist who look strong contenders for the title this year as well, even without Shreyas Iyer. On the other hand, a lot to ponder over for Dhoni. 

23:09 (IST)

OUT! Stoinis departs as Thakur picks his second. Was a bouncer at shoulder height and Stoinis could not handle the pull that well, was caught in the deep on leg side. Stoinis c Sam Curran b Thakur 14(9)

23:07 (IST)

FOUR! Thakur strays down leg and Stoinis flicks it away for four runs to fine leg. Just 3 needed for a win.

23:06 (IST)

After 18 overs,Delhi Capitals 182/2 ( Rishabh Pant (C) (W) 11 , Marcus Stoinis 10)

Stoinis with a cracking shot through the covers for a boundary. The equation now is 7 needed off 12. It might end in the next over. CSK must be looking to take it to the last over. 

23:04 (IST)

FOUR! Stonis cracks it through the covers for four runs off Bravo

23:01 (IST)

After 17 overs,Delhi Capitals 172/2 ( Rishabh Pant (C) (W) 7 , Marcus Stoinis 4)

Two boundaries off the first two balls of the 17th over and then Thakur returns on the fourth ball to take his revenge. Dhawan gone, 15 short of a hundred. He deserved it, but as they say, in cricket you get what you get in the end and not what you deserve. Stoinis has joined captain Pant in the middle and they will look to score the remaining 17 needed in 18 balls.

22:57 (IST)

OUT! Thakur strikes and gets Dhawan with a good inswinging yorker. That looked plump from the word go as Dhawan was looking to play across the line but his feet did not move and umpire Anil Chaudhary had no doubt in his mind and raised the finger. DC lose second wicket. Dhawan lbw b Thakur 85(54)

22:55 (IST)

FOUR! Again, again he shuffles across and flicks it from outside the off stump to fine leg boundary. 

22:54 (IST)

FOUR! That is just another one of stunning Dhawan shots, sits on one kneed and drives it through covers for four runs.

22:51 (IST)

After 16 overs,Delhi Capitals 158/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 77 , Rishabh Pant (C) (W) 7)

Bravo has been the pick of the bowlers for CSK tonight. He has only given 18 in his 3 and picked up a wicket. Pant smashed the ball right on the stumps at the other end. A certain boundary, stopped by the wickets. DC need 32 off 24 and the teams go into another time out, last one of the game.

22:48 (IST)

FOUR! Dhawan has found a way to score runs and it is working for him, he comes across again and flicks the full toss for four runs to leg side boundary. 

22:45 (IST)

After 15 overs,Delhi Capitals 151/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 72 , Rishabh Pant (C) (W) 6)

Dhawan is playing these go-across-and-sweep shot against the pacers quite well, collecting boundaries with ease. Pant joins him in the act with a smash through the point for four runs. 12 off the over. DC need 38 off 30.

22:43 (IST)

FOUR! Pant gets a loose one and too much room outside the off stump and he cuts it away for four runs

22:42 (IST)

FOUR! Dhawan comes across the stump and sweeps Chahar for four, the ball almost hit the boundary cushion on the full.

22:40 (IST)

After 14 overs,Delhi Capitals 139/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 66 , Rishabh Pant (C) (W) 0)

Close run out call on just the first ball of the over. Looked closer in slow motion replay than live. Dhawan reached the crease in time. But Shaw has fallen. He scored 72 off 38 and has pretty much done the job for his team. DC should look to finish this quickly keeping in mind the NRR and how crucial it is in a tournament like IPL. And keeping that in mind, Pant has come to the middle. Three off the over and a wicket. DC need 50 off 36. 

22:40 (IST)

OUT! Shaw falls while attempting to cut the ball for six and hence does not connect, gets caught at deep backward point by Moeen Ali. Finally CSK take a catch and pick up the first DC wicket. Bravo gets the wicket. Prithvi Shaw c Moeen Ali b Dwayne Bravo 72(38)

22:39 (IST)

The stand of 138 runs between Shaw and Dhawan is the second highest stand against CSK for any wicket in the IPL history. 

The highest is 144 by Rahane and Watson at Ahmedabad in 2015 for the opening wicket for RR. 

22:33 (IST)

After 13 overs,Delhi Capitals 136/0 ( Prithvi Shaw 71 , Shikhar Dhawan 64)

What was that? Dhawan was early to leave the crease and Moeen bowled it over batsman. Was it intentional to get the batsman stumped or did it slip out of his hand? Dhawan was quick to get back in his crease before Dhoni dislodged the bails. Shaw still looking majestic, collects a six and four in the last part of the over. 15 off the over. DC need 53 off 42.

22:31 (IST)

FOUR! Now Shaw gets one under his bat and he smashes it to deep extra cover for four runs.

22:31 (IST)

SIX! Short ball from Moeen and Shaw rocks back and pulls it away for a maximum.

22:28 (IST)

After 12 overs,Delhi Capitals 121/0 ( Prithvi Shaw 59 , Shikhar Dhawan 62)

Dhawan has been terrific at the other end as well. The boundary off the first ball of this over tells you how brilliant he has been, not merely playing a blinder but batting intelligently and targeting the vacant areas on the field. DC need 68 off 48. 

22:24 (IST)

FOUR! This is intelligent from Dhawan, he spotted the slower one and knew there was no fielder in the deep square on the leg side and he hit it right there to collect the four runs.

22:23 (IST)

After 11 overs,Delhi Capitals 113/0 ( Prithvi Shaw 57 , Shikhar Dhawan 56)

100 comes up for DC in only thr 11th over. And fifty up for Dhawan. The DC openers have made it look easy so far in this chase. Dhawan finishes the over with another boundary, to make it 14 off the over. DC need 76 off 54. 

22:22 (IST)

Century stands for DC v CSK in IPL:

G Gambhir/V Sehwag, Chennai, 2008

G Gambhir/S Dhawan, Delhi, 2008

P Shaw/S Dhawan, Mumbai, 2021*

22:22 (IST)

FOUR! Dhawan makes room and drives it, finds the gap between extra cover and mid off, collects four

22:20 (IST)

FOUR! Slightly short from Thakur and Shaw pummels it for four through cover on back foot. That was some shot.  

22:19 (IST)

FIFTY! Dhawan reaches the milestone as well. What a start in IPL 2021 for Gabbar who is looking to make hsi case stronger for the T20 World Cup.  

22:17 (IST)

After 10 overs,Delhi Capitals 99/0 ( Prithvi Shaw 52 , Shikhar Dhawan 47)

One more drop in the over although a difficult chance but still a chance. Gaikwad could not hold on to it at deep square leg while diving forward. Shaw gets another chance and goes on to complete his fifty as well in the over. 

22:17 (IST)

FOUR! Shaw smashes his way to fifty. What a knock this has been, gets one short and pulls it for four runs to bring up his fifty.

22:14 (IST)

SIX! Dhawan this time comes down the track and smashes Moeen Ali for a six over long on. Easily done.

22:14 (IST)

After 9 overs,Delhi Capitals 86/0 ( Prithvi Shaw 47 , Shikhar Dhawan 39)

Jadeja continues. Shaw looks in ominous touch. The six off Jadeja made some statement. He is not done yet in this innings and DC are almost halfway there. Dhoni needs to pull something out from his hat. This match is quickly slipping away from his hands. 11 off the over.

22:12 (IST)

SIX! Shaw dances down the track against Jadeja and smashes the ball right into the Sachin Tendulkar stand. The great man must be proud of the shot.

22:09 (IST)

After 8 overs,Delhi Capitals 75/0 ( Prithvi Shaw 40 , Shikhar Dhawan 35)

Spin from both ends at the moment as Moeen Ali, right arm off break, comes into the attack and he almost got a wicket. Shaw gets the second chance. Santner dropped him. CSK have pulled things back a bit in the last two overs of spin. Five off the over.

22:06 (IST)

DROPPED! Lack of communication between two fielders in the deep and Shaw's catch has been dropped at long off. Santner drops him. 

22:05 (IST)

After 7 overs,Delhi Capitals 70/0 ( Prithvi Shaw 38 , Shikhar Dhawan 32)

Ravindra Jadeja, Left arm orthodox, into the attack. Less pace on the ball, maybe the batsman will try and score the big runs, take the risk and get out, thinks Dhoni. Shaw was looking to smash the first ball he faced out of the park but checked his shot at the last moment. Good first over from Jadeja. Just five singles in the over. 

22:00 (IST)

That's it. That's the tweet!

Such sweet timing

— Shai Hope (@shaidhope) April 10, 2021

21:59 (IST)

After 6 overs,Delhi Capitals 65/0 ( Prithvi Shaw 36 , Shikhar Dhawan 29)

Chahar using change of pace to control the flow of runs. CSK are on back foot as powerplay has not gone their way. Shaw with a beautiful boundary again in the over, showing it is not just power that is fetching runs for him, but touch as well. Moeen with a good stop at mid-wicket, stopped a certain boundary. Strategic time out called.

21:55 (IST)

FOUR! This is lovely from Shaw, he is finding the gaps so easily, opens the face of the bat, good bat speed and collects four at third man.

21:54 (IST)

After 5 overs,Delhi Capitals 58/0 ( Prithvi Shaw 31 , Shikhar Dhawan 27)

Prithvi Shaw is on fire. He is oozing class at the moment. The kind of shots which brought the limelight on the young talent. Seventeen off the over. Fifty up for DC. Shaw in the mood. Don't go anywhere. 

21:53 (IST)

FOUR! Shaw gets one more right under his bat and he hits it over the mid off fielder for another boundary. 

21:52 (IST)

FOUR! This is solid batting, Shaw adjusts at the last moment, he runs the ball down to third man boundary.

21:51 (IST)

FOUR! This is pure class. Shaw gets one in his zone and the high back lift comes hard at the ball, punched through covers

21:50 (IST)

FOUR! Dhawan walks towards his off stump, Thakur follows his, bowls outside the off stump, Dhawan just opens the face of the bat for a boundary.

21:48 (IST)

After 4 overs,Delhi Capitals 41/0 ( Prithvi Shaw 19 , Shikhar Dhawan 22)

S Curran continues. Two stunning shots in the over. First Dhawan playing the loft over long on for a maximum and then Shaw in his trademark style punishing the ball to a boundary through covers. DC on the ball in this chase. 

21:47 (IST)

FOUR! Shaw gets the half volley and drives S Curran for a boundary through the covers

IPL 2021, Live Cricket Score, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) vs Delhi Capitals (DC)DC WIN BY 7 WICKETS! Pant finishes it off in style, with a boundary to seal the first win for Capitals and his first as captain. Delhi Capitals reach the target with 8 balls and 7 wickets in hand against a full-strength CSK unit led by MS Dhoni. This is a strong batting display for the last year's finalist who look strong contenders for the title this year as well, even without Shreyas Iyer. On the other hand, a lot to ponder over for Dhoni.

Preview: Reinvigorated with the arrival of their mainstays Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) will aim to start the 2021 season on a high against Delhi Capitals (DC).

The MS Dhoni vs Rishabh Pant battle is what promises to spice up this contest. The left-handed wicketkeeper-batsman from Delhi will be leading his side for the first time. And that too against MS Dhoni, whose experience and tactical acumen speak for themselves.

File image of CSK skipper MS Dhoni (right) and DC skipper Rishabh Pant. Sportzpics

After a horrible last season, where they were knocked out in the group stages of the tournament, CSK made amends at the auction table and appear stronger on paper. Getting the team combination right as quickly as possible is something Dhoni would keep an eye on.

CSK have quality all-rounders in Jadeja, Sam Curran, Moeen Ali and Shardul Thakur, who lend balance and make the franchise a well-rounded unit.

As far as DC is concerned, all eyes will be on their bowling which looks relatively underwhelming in the absence of pacers Anrich Nortje and Kagiso Rabada. Both the South Africans are undergoing a mandatory seven-day quarantine and will thus miss the side’s opening clash. The onus of leading by example in the bowling department will be on Ravichandran Ashwin and Ishant Sharma.

DC’s strength is their batting. Shikhar Dhawan, Prithvi Shaw, Ajinkya Rahane, Steven Smith, Marcus Stoinis and Pant make an enviable batting unit on paper.

With the clash taking place at Wankhede, a high-scoring contest is on the cards.

The teams (From):

Delhi Capitals: Rishabh Pant (c & wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Prithvi Shaw, Ajinkya Rahane, Shimron Hetmyer, Marcus Stoinis, Chris Woakes, R Ashwin, Amit Mishra, Lalit Yadav, Pravin Dubey, Kagiso Rabada, Anrich Nortje, Ishant Sharma, Avesh Khan, Steve Smith, Umesh Yadav, Ripal Patel, Vishnu Vinod, Lukman Meriwala, M Siddarth, Tom Curran, Sam Billings.

Chennai Super Kings: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (c & wk), Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, KM Asif, Deepak Chahar, Dwayne Bravo, Faf du Plessis, Imran Tahir, N Jagadeesan, Karn Sharma, Lungi Ngidi, Mitchell Santner, Ravindra Jadeja, Ruturaj Gaikwad, Shardul Thakur, Sam Curran, R Sai Kishore, Moeen Ali, K Gowtham, Cheteshwar Pujra, Harishankar Reddy, Bhagath Varma, C Hari Nishaanth.

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